The new clapping technology

Enjoy the app that will revolutionize the way we clap.

App Features

real clapping

With the new APPlause technology, clapp is able to simulate human clapping in a way that as never been seen or heard before. You can say goodbye to those "computer made" clapping sounds!

one tap clap

With Clapp you can cheer for your favorite bands with a press of a button. This leaves your other hand free to do anything it wants. This would be impossible with conventional methods!

dynamic clapping

With Clapp you can APPlaud for how much time you need. Just hold the clapping button for as long as you want. No more hand clapping damage for you!

We joined the best sound engineers and the greatest designers to bring you an innovative technology.

"Perfect for those situations where you are too bored to cheer! "

John Clapper, Posh Person

"Never have I clapped while drinking beer. Amazing. "

Steve Adams, Beer Pong Enthusiast

"Once I tried Clapp I could never go back to clapping with both hands!"

Brenda, Normal Person